The last 30 years and the next


Our story is not short. It is a novel bound by hard work where every page is written with extreme passion and the pursuit of excellence.


1988: Each story has an origin.

The Fabtech story began in 1988. Losing his job in his uncle's factory, Founder Wilson Go started his own business with his wife Jacqueline "Jackie" Go. His background in the kitchen industry was complemented by Jackie’s experience and passion for food. Together, they started our company WKG Food Tech International Inc., a commercial foodservice equipment supplier in a small shop in Sta. Mesa, Manila.


1989: First Big Break

It was not long before the couple got their first big break. In 1989, Wilson and Jackie caught the attention of an affluent family in Cebu who wanted a bakery inside their shopping malls. We were able to sell 6 sets of bakery equipment within a single visit to Cebu. The following year, the equipment for the bakeries were installed, which then launched a very famous Cebuano bakery.


1990: Passion for Food with Sound Engineering Expertise

From our humble shop in Sta. Mesa, we supplied kitchen equipment to clients all over the Philippines. Thanks to that,  we were able to then set up our first large scale stainless steel fabrication plant in Valenzuela.



2003: Fabtech Kitchens Unlimited Inc.

Soon after, their homegrown story began to spread not only locally but internationally. In 2003, WKG Food Tech International Inc., became Fabtech Kitchens Unlimited, Inc. who until now promises to provide clients with only top quality food commercial equipment. This mindset continues to attract the best suppliers from all around the world, providing us a strong, wide-ranging portfolio of equipment. Fabtech then moved from Sta. Mesa to a new office and showroom in Quezon Ave.



2007: Fabtech Export Industries

In the years that followed, the company grew rapidly and started hiring more engineers and technicians. They created PEZA accredited Fabtech Export Industries, a separate entity for manufacturing foodservice equipment using only food grade stainless steel. We then moved our stainless steel fabrication plant to Filinvest Technology Park at Calamba, Laguna.

2008: Jackie Sy-Go & Associates Management Consultants, Inc.

In 2008, Jackie Sy-Go & Associates Management Consultants, Inc. was established to focus on commercial kitchen design and management consultancy. Our design philosophy of merging engineering with passion for cooking attracted clients with the same mindset. Right off the bat, we were accredited by Marriot International. To this day, it continues to grow its portfolio as a staple brand in the food industry.


2009: Gruppo Dolci

The couple's passion was then passed on to their son who continued Fabtech's already expansive line of food services. At a young age of 15, David Go started Gruppo Dolci and Bar Dolci with the mission of providing Honest Food. Gruppo Dolci started as a local food company that produced and distributed premium ingredients and finished food products such as gelato, pastries, breads, pasta, and desserts. Bar Dolci was the retail brand that helped promote those products. Bar Dolci's first branch in BGC opened its door to the public in December 2010, which garnered the number one spot for gelato in multiple media outlets.


2010: Magallanes Commercial Office

Fabtech moved their head commercial office to Magallanes Commercial Center in Makati. Alongside the factory, these strategic locations continue to provide the company optimal reach as the centers of industry within the country.


2015: Fabtech Masterbuilders Corporation and Fabtech International Corporation

To combat the increase in corruption for construction projects, Fabtech grew to become a true one-stop shop concept by adding Fabtech Masterbuilders Corporation and Fabtech International Corporation in 2015. The former is engaged in general construction and project management that incorporates Revit, CostOS and Virtual Reality in its projects. We believe in making construction projects highly transparent to create a clear line of accountability using industry tested technology. Fabtech Master Builders was the first in the Philippines to use Revit to complete 3D drawings of a commercial kitchen including MEPF. Fabtech International Corporation on the other hand is a rebrand of Kitchens Unlimited, which creates lasting partnerships with globally-recognized brands of commercial kitchen equipment such as Alto-Shaam, Cattabriga, Granuldisk, Halton, Ifi, Sagi, and much more.


2016: Gelateneo

The Go family’s fascination over gelato and other desserts was followed by the formation of an educational institution and learning center dedicated to the famous Italian dessert. They called it Gelateneo, named after the original training facility of Iceteam 1927. Together with Cattabriga, Gelateneo Philippines aims to bring gelato in our country to the next level by equipping both newcomers and long-time professional alike.


2016: Filipinas Oro de Cacao

Filipinas Oro de Cacao, Inc. is yet another addition to our roster of companies. Our cacao journey began in 2010 when the Go family started searching for cacao in the Philippines. They met a lot of eager farmers along the way who were instrumental in helping them find what they’re looking for. After further exploration, they ended up in the heart of Davao where they stumbled upon Criollo Porcelana, the rarest cacao variety in the world. In 2016, Filipinas Oro de Cacao was established as a PEZA certified cocoa and chocolate manufacturing company with a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in producing premium single-origin products.


2017: Fabtech Laundry

Our reputation continued to attract top suppliers and in 2017, we became the exclusive dealer of Milnor and Chicago Dryer. Fabtech Laundry was then added to the company’s list of services. We now design and supply commercial laundry systems.


2017: Continuous Innovations

With the mindset of continuous growth and improvement, Fabtech invested in Trumpf machines from Germany for our fabrication plant. We are the first to use the laser and punch combination technology for the kitchen equipment industry here in the Philippines. We also started developing our own internal business enterprise system to improve operations and communications with clients. From this internally developed system, we developed FABservice, a cloud based service application that allows our clients to monitor their equipment and its service history. This was another first in the local industry.


2018: Our Story Continues

Fabtech is continued by the founder’s three children: Kelly, Nicholai David, and Paul Gerald Go. Together, they plan to bring Fabtech’s growing services to the next level. We are currently building our Headquarters in Laguna, Calamba that will be a state-of-the art facility that will fulfill the potential of all our stakeholders.


This is Fabtech’s narrative, but it is ultimately a shared one. It is intertwined with the rich stories of our employees, clients, and partners. Be a part of that story. Fabtech welcomes you with blank pages ripe with opportunity and a future filled with success stories.