FABservice Mobile

As a solutions provider, we are constantly innovating to adapt to ever-changing global standards. One of our newest internal developments is called the QuickService Mobile Application, which enables you to access all your service related information from any device. This app has been developed internally in response to the issues that our industry often encounters.


    Current issues experienced by
    the industry.

    • Multiple equipment contractors lead to unavoidable miscommunication and confusion as to who is accountable for equipment installed on-site.
    • Information turn-over to operators is limited due to single set of documents.
    • Lack of transparency
    • Continuous change of manpower lead to discrepancies. 

    Unique Solution:

    • Internally developed cloud-based system that can be access through either our online portal or on your iOS device.
    • Easily accessible by multiple users.
    • Automatic signatures anchored to usernames for transparency and ease of accountability.
    • Tracks all equipment installed on-site including: specifications, tracking information, manuals, warranty documents, exploded drawings, certifications, date of delivery and installation, list of parts and accessories, and service history.
    • Automated service orders with real time connection between you and Fabtech.

    Equipment Detail View

    • General equipment information
    • Specifications

    • Pictures and Videos

    • Documents (Brochures, Technical Sheet, Manuals, Exploded Axon, etc.)

    • Service Order History

    • Parts and Accessories


    Service Order Module


    Track and generate service orders. Sort this information by Service Order ID, Date Inquired, Date Attended, and Equipment for ease of use. Use an external barcode scanner or the internal iOS camera to quickly find any service order.

    • Upload photographs and documents directly

    • Automatic account and date stamp for proper accountability

    • Specific equipment information for service purposes and status

    • Concern relayed, actual readings, job performed, findings, and recommendations

    •  Attending technicians