Customizable Maintenance Package

In an effort to improve the health and efficiency of our past projects, we have developed customizable maintenance programs that aim to decrease ownership cost of kitchen and laundry equipment.


  • Total lower cost of ownership.
  • Longer equipment life.
  • Lower operation and energy costs.
  • Less down time, especially during peak operation periods.


  • Smaller likelihood of equipment failure
  • Emergency service costs reduced.
  • Essential maintenance done during off hours.
  • Less chance of food spoilage.
  • Better health inspection scores.

Comprehensive Maintenance & Management


  • Assess working conditions and health status of selected kitchen equipment.
  • Conduct tests using measuring tools to determine if equipment is functioning at desired parameters.
  • Check the state of all parts and create recommendations for replacements.

Cleaning Maintenance

  • Examine and clean all accessible components of combustion and temperature regulating that may prohibit the equipment from optimum performance

Preventive Maintenance

  • Assess external connections including gas hoses, electrical connections, drain lines, and water lines.
  • Analyze equipment for proper operation and overall condition. Inspect for proper temperature.
  • Remedial Replacements
  • Identify symptoms that might affect the overall performance of the equipment.
  • Advise customer of all immediate repairs needed.
  • Software included

Corrective & Repair

  • Diagnostics and repair.
  • Identifying root cause of the failure.
  • Installation of original spare parts.
  • Proper calibration of equipment.